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SizeGenetics – how much does size of your penis matter?

Who said men do not have complexes? All women with body image issues do not compare to the biggest problem men – penis size. This creates the most complex or major one. Question that men most frequently ask is: “How big is your penis for my partner to be fully satisfied?”

sizegeneticsNo woman who has not been asked at least once a partner about his penis size. Well, when you talk about its size, very few of the men tell the truth. Whether friends are complex or erotic movies they watch, or as one of the former partner has attracted attention for men penis size is the largest complex. Many of them resort to penis enlargement surgery, just that they are satisfied with themselves. Obviously, there are men who are complex because they have too much penis.

So does size matters? There is a standard size preferred by women?

The answer is yes, it matters, but not in the way men think. It seems that women choose their fascination with sex toys and vibrators dildos depending on the desired size of a penis. This is between 14 and 16 cm.

Perception “with the higher, the better” is all wrong. Women do not want a “giant” penis because their vagina is often very sensitive. A very large and very thick penis will not satisfy a woman at all, on the contrary, it will cause nothing but pain.

Very few women want a penis that is 16 cm. Having sex with such a “toy” requires more lube, patience and as many positions.

Larger penis is preferred by women who like oral sex.

If your partner is experiencing such a problem, the support of you is the most important thing. Men find it difficult to talk about issues related to sexual organ, because often it is the only thing that boast.

Reproaches, criticism or comparisons should not be in a situation like this. Try to challenge your partner to discuss the problem. The man has sometimes need time to convince that you will not have a low opinion of him after he said everything he felt. Not oblige him to speak if he did not want. Be there for him unconditionally and come up with solutions. A sensitive partner will reflect on your words and will take account of them. Variant penis enlargement surgery is not the best choice. Depending on the chosen method, the price varies and can reach up to several thousand euros. Besides the financial aspect must be taken into account the risks posed to your partner after such operations.

While “too small” is definitely a big problem, no man does not want a huge cock. When sex does not matter how big your penis, what you know to do with it. There are fortunately and sex toys that help men complex. You can always use SizeGenetics, a device which helps penis that be naturally bigger and provides safety and prolonged erection. All detailed information read on .

Qualities of a man is not judged by the size of the penis. Think about sex is not essential aspect in a relationship. Attention, affection, understanding are more important advantages compared to the size of the penis. Primordial in a relationship is that you to feel good with one another.