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Provillus is the best hair loss treatment

Provillus is a treatment that is used to control hair loss for both men and women. It is categorized as one of the best hair loss treatments ever devised as it contains minoxidil 5% that was approved by the FDA, among other natural ingredients that includes propylene glycol, purified water, natural vitamins, minerals and herbs, it is the only spray proven to regrow hair. It comes in two different products for males and females. Men should not use products that are specified for women and vice versa this is because the causes of hair loss differ between the two genders. In addition there is uniqueness in hair loss for different people and therefore each person who experience hair loss has unique needs.

ProvillusProvillus comes in a topical solution that can be applied on the scalp where hair loss has occurred. However, there is an alternative of topical spray that can be used through spraying where re-growth is required and this makes it different from other products.

Provillus for women

Provillus for women is designed specifically for women in a special way that helps it to re-grow women’s natural hair. Research has shown that when some women approach menopause they start experiencing Female Pattern Baldness, this calls for use of provillus to control hair loss and to re-grow beautiful healthy hair. It should however be noted that this is more effective when the treatment is applied at the first sign of hair loss. The product should therefore be applied twice a day for it to work effectively. The first signs of hair loss may include noticing hair on combs and brushes, shower drains and in sink making hair to be thinner hence challenges in styling.

Provillus for men

A full head of healthy hair gives a man a youthful and a sexy appearance. Therefore Provillus is of equal importance to men as it is to women. Male Pattern Baldness is a genetic trait that is inherited in a family. In this case provillus being a natural formula will help with hormonal causes to get to the root of hair loss problem. Provillus will therefore help men to solve their hereditary hair loss and regain their youthful appearance. Therefore men do not need to undergo transplant and surgery to solve the problem of hair loss since there are natural ways of re-growing hair use of provillus undoubtedly being one of the best ways.

For provillus to perform effectively the person using it must be committed. That is it should be used on daily basis for two months consecutively. Failure to proper use may lead to increase in hair loss, as properly explained into this site:

Apart from re-growing of lost hair provillus helps to reduce loss of hair and increases growth of hair naturally. Being the only hair treatment product that contains minoxidil, this makes it the best for treatment. The side effects are minimal since the supplement contains natural products. Again its effects are notable within a span of a month if correctly used though the results differ from one person to another. It is therefore recommendable to use provillus to treat the problem of hair loss.