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Attain your Health Goals with a Colon Cleanse

Proper diet and exercise may not be enough if you want to attain a healthy body. The food and beverage you take can accumulate in your body in form of toxins and waste. Your body is designed to get rid of waste material but there are certain factors that can slow this process down. If your body is incapable of eliminating the waste, it is stored in your colon. This can lead to chronic fatigue, diarrhea, headaches and constipation. A colon cleanse will help you get rid of the waste. Digest IT is one of the most effective colon cleansers as is written in

digestItIt is a natural colon cleanse product, which will get rid of the waste without causing any adverse side effects. It is made from herbal extracts that are work as natural laxatives. Some of these extracts include thyme oil, senna, aloe, wormwood, bentonite clay, Chinese rhudard root, cascara sagrada bark, flax seed, black sumin seeds, olive leaf extract, and slippery elm. It does not contain any animal based ingredients therefore it can be used by vegetarians. It works as weight loss supplement, by removing toxins in your body. One of the main concerns about using such products is that they lead to diarrhea. This is not a concern when you use Digest It. It clears toxins in all the vital organs and lymphatic system.

Do you suffer from constant constipation? Are your bowel movements irregular? Digest It is an effective colon cleanse for these problems. It will help you to get regular bowel movements, which is important for waste elimination from the body. It will reduce water retention that often occurs when waste accumulates in your body. In some cases, parasites can find a good breeding environment if toxins remain in your body for a long time.

Digest It applies a simple cleansing method. This colon cleanse has probiotics, which are good bacteria. The probiotics restore balance in your digestive system making it easier to eliminate waster. This will help to enhance your energy levels and attain weight loss. It contains several live cultures to restore the health of your digestive system. The cultures in this product work better compared to yoghurt. When the toxins are eliminated, you will be more energetic.

Digest It works by breaking down the toxins inside your colon before eliminating them. The kidneys and bowels help to eliminate these toxins. If you have been suffering from bloating, this is an effective solution for you. It is possible to achieve weight loss once the waste is eliminated. This is because the product there will be less water retained in your body.


· Enhances digestive system health to aid toxin removal

· Enhances weight loss

· Contains natural ingredients with no side effects

· Eases constipation

· Clinically tested


Digest It needs to be used with a lot of water. Users who fail to drink adequate water report stomach cramps. This side effect can be relieved with increased water intake. You may also feel dizzy when you use the colon cleanse for the first time but this does not last.

Provillus is the best hair loss treatment

Provillus is a treatment that is used to control hair loss for both men and women. It is categorized as one of the best hair loss treatments ever devised as it contains minoxidil 5% that was approved by the FDA, among other natural ingredients that includes propylene glycol, purified water, natural vitamins, minerals and herbs, it is the only spray proven to regrow hair. It comes in two different products for males and females. Men should not use products that are specified for women and vice versa this is because the causes of hair loss differ between the two genders. In addition there is uniqueness in hair loss for different people and therefore each person who experience hair loss has unique needs.

ProvillusProvillus comes in a topical solution that can be applied on the scalp where hair loss has occurred. However, there is an alternative of topical spray that can be used through spraying where re-growth is required and this makes it different from other products.

Provillus for women

Provillus for women is designed specifically for women in a special way that helps it to re-grow women’s natural hair. Research has shown that when some women approach menopause they start experiencing Female Pattern Baldness, this calls for use of provillus to control hair loss and to re-grow beautiful healthy hair. It should however be noted that this is more effective when the treatment is applied at the first sign of hair loss. The product should therefore be applied twice a day for it to work effectively. The first signs of hair loss may include noticing hair on combs and brushes, shower drains and in sink making hair to be thinner hence challenges in styling.

Provillus for men

A full head of healthy hair gives a man a youthful and a sexy appearance. Therefore Provillus is of equal importance to men as it is to women. Male Pattern Baldness is a genetic trait that is inherited in a family. In this case provillus being a natural formula will help with hormonal causes to get to the root of hair loss problem. Provillus will therefore help men to solve their hereditary hair loss and regain their youthful appearance. Therefore men do not need to undergo transplant and surgery to solve the problem of hair loss since there are natural ways of re-growing hair use of provillus undoubtedly being one of the best ways.

For provillus to perform effectively the person using it must be committed. That is it should be used on daily basis for two months consecutively. Failure to proper use may lead to increase in hair loss, as properly explained into this site:

Apart from re-growing of lost hair provillus helps to reduce loss of hair and increases growth of hair naturally. Being the only hair treatment product that contains minoxidil, this makes it the best for treatment. The side effects are minimal since the supplement contains natural products. Again its effects are notable within a span of a month if correctly used though the results differ from one person to another. It is therefore recommendable to use provillus to treat the problem of hair loss.

Benefits of Organic and Natural Hot Rawks Aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs have been used for many centuries to improve libido by both men and women. They are still used today. Hot Rawks is a superfood injected aphrodisiac. It is made from herbs and raw organic superfoods.

It is important not to take any chances with your health when you consider taking supplements. It is necessary to consider the ingredients in the supplements that you take. This is because some are questionable and may be harmful.

Hot Rawks is an all natural supplement that is certified organic. It provides healthy energy as well as libido enhancement. You will get elevated sexual energy and it can be used by both male and female to increase sexual power.

The secret behind Hot Rawks aphrodisiac is that it acts as a boost to your immune system. By so doing, your circulation, energy, focus and vitality is boosted. The ingredients used for this supplement are natural aphrodisiacs that have been used in the past, superfoods of the highest quality and the purest herbs.

The main contents found in this libido enhancer are:

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)
Raw Maca Root
Tribulus Terrestris
Korean Ginseng
Hot RawksCatuaba Bark
Raw Cayenne Powder Organic
Raw Cacao (chocolate in its natural, unprocessed state)

The herbs that are used in Hot Rawks are wild grown, hand picked and also dried at low temperatures. They are then wrapped in recyclable dark bottles placing them in vegetarian capsules. This is a lot different from other supplement or libido enhancers that are grown under man made conditions; i.e. florescent bulbs and sprayed with some harmful chemicals. You will also find that these type of supplements are stored in clear bottles that allow Ultra Violet rays to go through.

When you make use of Hot Rawks, you do not get ridiculous promises of increased penis size or cures for major illnesses. The men and women that use this natural, organic supplement will experience a major boost in their vitality, energy and performance. The product is also 100% GMO free. When you use this supplement, you are increasing your libido naturally, as is it explained in details here:

By making use of a natural supplement, you are not only improving your libido, you are improving your overall health. There are antioxidants that are included in Hot Rawks that help rid your body of free radicals that are in your body. These are unstable molecules that can be harmful to the living cells in your body. Such molecules have been attributed to terminal diseases such as cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Therefore, you find that with this natural supplement, not only your libido is improved but your overall health. You get nutrients in your body that you would not ordinarily get from the food we eat daily. There are additional benefits that Hot Rawks has. In case you have a hangover after partying too much, you can ease the hangover using this product. All in all, Hot Rawks is the best supplement you can use to get your romance back and improve your health at the same time.

Les films

sommaire filmsEntre 2003 et 2008, j’ai eu l’occasion de réaliser deux films autour des manifs de droite.

Manif de Droite, documentaire court

Le 25 octobre 2003, des “artistes de rue de droite” se mobilisaient pour soutenir le gouvernement. Ce documentaire-court retrace la manifestation parisienne organisée par des groupes d’artistes de spectacle de rue, du Fourneau, et de la Fédération des arts de rue, des intermittents du spectacle. Encadrés par des CRS et RG qui assistaient à la manifestation la plus drôle et absurde de leur carrière, les artistes ont déambulé du parvis de Notre-Dame à l’Assemblée Nationale.

White Riot, court-métrage de fiction

Susanna, jeune cinéaste ethnologue anglaise et enceinte, séjourne à Paris dans le cadre d’une thèse, pour y étudier les mouvements sociaux français.
Le 12 juin 2007, aidée d’une équipe, elle filme une manifestation peu commune, une “manif de droite”.
De retour à l’université de Cambridge, elle présente son travail à deux éminents professeurs d’ethnologie… Qui doutent.